Monday, November 8, 2010

Reunion with Ross

(Before I get started, little note about Dean. Last weekend, I went to his house, got drunk, totally hit on him. He rejected my advances. I ended up having to crash. However, the next morning, we had the best time hanging out for hours, just as friends. I'm grateful he was nice about it, even though he's clearly not interested in me. He even lent me DVDs and everything. He's not for me, but he's still a great guy.)

So obviously you can see how long Ross and I have been getting to know each other based upon the date of that last entry. Last night, after a couple of weeks of saying "not just yet" (before, I mentioned that he seemed less confident), we finally agreed to meet up. Yesterday afternoon, he showed some signs of hestitation. He said that he was concerned that it was mostly about sex and that we wouldn't have anything to say. So I proceeded talk to talk to him for an hour, and then I pointed it out and asked him that he give me a little freaking credit. So then he said he'd come over.

I mean, really. Yes, it was kind of about the sex. But honestly, didn't I say in that last entry that I would like something more substantial this time? He's really funny, and he's definitely smart. We both have "real" jobs now. I like that he's quieter than some of the guys I've dated recently (Ryan and Warren, just to name a couple). And I think I can make him happier. At least I want to try.

So he came over around 9. And looks-wise, he'd barely changed, just looked a bit older. And boy, was I nervous. We had a couple of beers, and then he said he'd really like a cigarette (ah, one of his negatives). So I suggested we run up to the gas station and grab another 6-pack, and he could get some cigs. We came back and had a couple more beers. We listened to some music and talked. He's really into board/card games, so he brought a couple, and we played one. It was only OK. I generally dislike playing games with guys, since I can get really competitive. But at only a couple of beers in, we were both clearly still nervous, so why not.

When we were done playing, he suggested we take a shot. At this point, it was like, 3am! (Well, really 2am, because of the time change.) Seriously, and he was worried that we wouldn't have anything to talk about?!? At this point, I was wondering if he was going to try anything at all. I had done a couple of my obvious flirt things, like touching him on the arm and stuff, and he hadn't really tried anything. So we took a shot. I was wearing a sweater, and the booze and the nervousness had started to warm me up, so I took off my sweater...underneath I was wearing a lacy cami. And at first, I was standing across from him, and afterwards, I kind of stood on the other side, next to him, but not touching.

Then he put his arm around me and grabbed my hand, pulling me closer. Yes, finally. I looked up at him, and he turned his head and kissed me. It was so nice. I didn't have any bad memories of kissing him back then, so I figured he was a good kisser, and I was right. And after talking all that time, online and offline, all the was amazing just to put my arms around him and kiss him. And even though he'd been smoking, his breath didn't taste like cigarettes.

We paused for a bit, and I looked up at him and just smiled. He said that he'd been wanting to do that for awhile now. I was like, "Well, you should that why you suggested we take a shot?" He said yes. Aw. I kind of figured, but I wanted him to kiss me first...since he was the one who'd thought it was all about sex...I wanted to be sure he was sure. We kissed a bit more. We were pressed so tightly together that of course, I could feel him getting hard. He suggested that we uh, take the party elsewhere, so of course, I led him into my bedroom.

He suggested that we give each other back massages. Bring it on - what a semi-cheesy way to get us to take our shirts off, but I like massages, so I'm not complaining. It kind of made me think of "let's take a shot so we'll kiss"..."let's massage each other so we'll be topless." But well, I guess part of me also thought it was cute that he was nervous. So first him, then me...I was still wearing my bra, and at the end of it, he kind of started sliding the straps down...

So yeah, things got pretty hot. His...intentions became clearer when he mentioned he brought condoms! And he'd taken most of the stuff out of his pants pockets, but not those! Amusing. I even called him on it, and he admitted it was deliberate. So I asked him to if he was sure, since he was the one who was worried about it being all about sex. Of course, that prompted him to ask me, but uhhh...I was definitely game. It was kind of silly for me to ask at that point, probably, but I had to, just in case.

Yes, we ended up having sex. And shit, his cock was bigger than I remembered. Not the biggest I've seen (THAT was painful, every time), but just about as big as I enjoy handling. Any bigger and it would have been in the painful category. Lube was definitely required. I even told him that he couldn't possibly be surprised, and he admitted it was nothing new, of course. And wow, he felt amazing. I had at that point, had a few drinks, and as a result of that (and the fact that it was the first time after all that time), I didn't come. He lasted a bit and clearly was trying to last until after I came, which was great. After Warren, boy, was I grateful for a man with a nice big dick who actually knew how to use it.

During, he was uhh...clearly being careful not to hurt me. I told him not to worry about it, after we got started. I wanted him to be a bit forceful. Since he'd been a little shy before, I made sure to tell him how sexy he was. He kind of held my wrists down, and I said I liked it. And I did. Eventually, I let him know that I might not get there the first time and to just enjoy himself. So he came a bit later.

By then, it was around 5:15 (really 4:15), so we just chatted a bit and then crashed. One thing I told him was how much I loved his body. He's really rail-thin...he mentioned that he probably weighed around 135. He's almost or right at 6 feet tall. I'm 5'7, and this morning, I weighed 133. I told him I loved his arms...they're thin, but there's muscle there too, very lean but hard. He said some girls had given him a hard time about how slender he is, that nobody had ever gotten excited about him the way I do...what can I say? I like 'em lean. He's so very sexy.

No round 2 in the morning, which bummed me out a bit. I know before he mentioned that it was fine if I was looking for something more casual, and I hope that sleeping with him right away didn't make it just that and nothing more. I've been enjoying getting to know him, and I even made a comment that I think we already knew each other better this time around than we ever did then, and he agreed. I mean really, we'd already slept together before, so hopefully it wasn't that bad to jump right in bed. He mentioned that it'd been awhile for him, so he probably had a hard time stopping as well.

Anyway. Ross = success, and hopefully more success. After all, I didn't bust out the crazier lingerie just yet. And he didn't tie me up in any way...and I really, really want to do that again, since most guys aren't really receptive to it. And in general, I just want to be around him more. He's so funny, smart, sexy...and I like him more than anyone I know right now.

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