Sunday, December 12, 2010

More on Ross

So, I'm just finally seeing Ross again. It sucks! This is a horrible time of the year to try to get to know someone. Everyone's busy with holiday parties and family stuff, and of course, it is way too soon for family stuff. Maybe in a year if he's still around, heh. And it doesn't help that I keep having social obligations that take me out of town.

Yesterday evening I went to Ross's apartment for the first time. That show Hoarders? He could be on there in a few years. So much stuff everywhere. And not all of it was even important stuff. A lot of it was just trash. For example, I think he had a corner with 5 12-pack soda boxes. Empty. And a trash that might not have been taken out in months. Didn't see any mold or bugs though, so that's a good sign. Sink full of dishes. Totally reeked of smoke, too. I hate that Ross smokes indoors. Ryan did too, but not always. His place didn't totally smell like it. Even Warren's place didn't smell that bad, and I think Warren smoked more, though not always around me. (Shockingly, the bathroom was not horrible!)

But I tried to be nice about it. I was like "WHOA" but then I said that it could be much worse. Wow, I'm subtle, I know, but I couldn't help it.

However, his whole living room set up, other than the mess, was pretty cool. Huge TV screen set up to be for movies or computer use. He still had our IM conversation up when I arrived. Awww.

We watched an ep of a show he wanted to introduce me to, and although it wasn't something I'd have picked (Deadwood), I enjoyed it. He did the whole back massage thing again, which I don't mind. I like backrubs, especially when hot guys are giving them to me. I was wearing a skirt (with thigh-highs, which he loved) when I was giving him a backrub, and it was a bit...revealing to say the least, to be straddling him, but I'm sure that turned him on a bit.

Then we got down to business. We kinda talked a bit about things that we like done to us, and he wanted me to give him some oral. I did, and it was a little rough, since he is so big. He told me I was exaggerating about the size, but seriously...I could not fit the whole thing in my mouth. After I'd been down there for awhile, he pulled me up, stopped me, and said, "I have to have you now!" It was raw and really hot. I came really quickly, since I hadn't gotten off in a couple of days, and he commented on it, that I seemed to be enjoying myself more than the last time. Well no kidding, I was so nervous then! I was nervous this time too, but not as much, and I suppose not masturbating for a few days helped. He finished a bit after.

Oh, and he has a twin bed. What? We could not get comfortable on the couch, even though he's rail-thin. He went to sleep in his room, and I slept on the coach. What the fuck?!? I asked him how he'd dealt with this when other girls had slept over, and he said sleeping in separate rooms. Man, that is one way in which my place is far superior. I rolled my eyes at him and said, "How romantic..."

I woke up pretty early in the morning (before 8). I heard him get up about half an hour later, and he came to lie down next to me, telling me he was cold and to warm him up. It was really cute. I had my hand on his chest, and he moved it down to his boxers (last time I swear it was boxer-briefs, but it was boxers this time. YAY!)...yes, I can take a hint. I blew him again, and I was actually going to finish the job, but man, it was taking awhile, and he is big, so I asked if there was anything extra I could do. He stopped me and just said he'd rather fuck, so we did. I got off again, and he did almost immediately after. That was pretty hot! And I didn't think I would.

We talked after about oral...I suggested that maybe sometime he return the favor, and he mentioned that he hadn't had a lot of experience with it. Ugh, really? I have to admit, that bummed me out a bit. I hate training guys when it comes to that. Maybe he won't be bad at it. I decided to save it for another time rather than during our morning sex.

He also paused before the first time we did it and asked if he needed to get a condom. I was like, "uhhh, of course." He replied that he didn't know if I was on birth control or not. I'm not, so I told him so, and he didn't of course put up a fight or anything. I didn't tell him that I had recently gone to the gyno and gotten a prescription for BC. I just started it today, so it wouldn't have been effective anyway. That prompted a conversation about well, just exactly how much unprotected sex had he had? And had he gotten checked out for diseases? He said he used condoms more than not, and he never had gotten tested, since he'd never had any symptoms...sigh. Am I the only one that paranoid about their junk? I guess not, since Ryan had been tested.

I've decided to tell him that I'll go on BC if he'll get tested. Obviously I might be at risk already, since I've gone down on him, but I think it'll just be a reward, since obviously we can still do oral, but not intercourse without the pill due to pregnancy risk. Besides, shouldn't he get checked anyway, for his own good? Nobody likes going to that kind of doctor, but it's a necessary evil.

I hung out for a bit longer, but I politely excused myself before 11am. I peeled my clothes off as soon as I got home; I really reeked of smoke.

We didn't do anything crazy. Not even me on top yet, though we did do doggystyle the last time. He does like to forcefully hold my wrists above my head sometimes during sex, which is pretty hot. We haven't done bondage again yet either. I'm really hoping to see him more often. Since it'd been so long since the first time, it was first date nervous all over again, which sucked. He's just so attractive that I get self-conscious. He did seem a bit more confident than before, though, which is nice. And another thing - he mentioned being picky, but that he liked me. Awwww.

One thing we recently had an argument is watching Pixar movies. I don't have any interest in them, even though he thinks I should give them a chance. Maybe I'll cut a deal with him...I'll watch a movie, if he'll let me clean his place for the same duration of time as the movie. I'm dying to tackle the pile of dishes in his sink...I figure at least if the place is a bit cleaner / emptier...maybe it'll be more aired out and pleasant to be in. For both of us. Plus, it'll be fun to clean. I'm so ridiculous...

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