Wednesday, October 13, 2010


OK, so there is absolutely no way I can not write about Ross in here, and we haven't even done anything yet. Well, not technically. Ross is a guy I dated 5 years ago, this time of year even. We lived on opposite sides of town, and neither of us liked to drive, so it was doomed. We both acknowledged this and decided to have a casual fling. It ended with Ross slowly breaking off contact, like many men do, instead of telling you they've lost interest. But could I really get mad? It wasn't serious. I was busy starting a new job (and started dating Will immediately afterwards), so I quickly filed him away in the "good" section.

Now, the details of our fling. We met online and talked a few times before, trying to feel things out. I found him extremely attractive, so that's another reason I agreed to a casual thing with him. And he was in a band, so as a girl who hadn't seen 25 yet, that was also attractive. We talked about our sexual tastes, and right off the bat, he asked if I was into bondage. I replied that I'd never tried it, but I wasn't turned off by the idea, either.

So yes, I went for it. And it was so much better than I thought it could be. Ross was just as good-looking in person, and he had a nice-sized cock: big, but not so large that it would be horrible without lube. The regular sex was great, and the bondage sex was extra great, since it was something new. We only hung out a few times, but I regret nothing.

I haven't had anyone get that kinky with me since. I've told some guys about bondage, but nobody was as enthusiastic about it as Ross, so it wasn't as fun for me. It's fun for me, but it's extra-fun when the guy's really into it too.

So last week, I was pleasantly surprised to see a message from Ross in my inbox. Just checking on me. We exchanged a few messages, and he ended it by saying that he wouldn't mind it if we kept writing. I'm thinking that I wouldn't mind it if he came over and tied me up! But I tried to play it cool and exchanged IM information.

We ended up talking for 4 hours the first time we reconnected. It was so fun. And he did slyly mention he had some new rope that he wanted to try out. I was still a bit coy. Then we started talking about sex clothes, since he was asking what else I'd done since him, and I told him about Will's fetish. He started asking for pics of my sexy outfits, but I didn't have any. So I told him he should let me know if he was interested in seeing them in person. He replied immediately that he was!

And get this - he is actually trying to get to know me! He had previously mentioned that he was looking for something more substantial these days, so I'm hopeful. It's a bit weird - I'm realizing how little I knew about him before. He's quieter than I realized, and his social life is lacking compared to mine, which is a little too crazy sometimes. We're both kind of quiet. He seems a bit bummed out about his life lately, and I want to help him be unbummed, whether it's in the bedroom or otherwise. After all, I helped Belle with that, after her divorce, so I can do it again!

We still haven't met up yet. After all this time, it's like starting over! I already told him I'd be nervous. He said he would be too. But one thing that hasn't changed at all is his sense of humor. He completely killed me with some of the things he's said in our limited amount of time that we've been reconnecting. He does seem a bit more serious than back then. But you know, I guess I didn't really know him that well.

I'm really hopeful. I haven't seen any new pics of him, though, but he's advised his body is still the same, which was almost unhealthy-rail-thin. Which I don't mind at all, naturally. Back then, I was attracted to him instantly, and I don't see that going away. And I'm not going to lie, I do like that he kept my phone number after all these years.

As for me on my's been hard getting through the workdays. All I've gotten lately is Mark, and he doesn't even count. (He'd be offended by that, but I don't mean it's bad. I just can't get as into it with him.) I am so aroused just thinking about seeing him again...I've been hitting the vibe almost daily. Definitely will have to tonight. And I know I won't have the same problem with him that I had with Warren; Ross's sex drive is out of control, too.

It's kind of weird to be so nervous and excited for someone I've already slept with! But I really am with him, so far. I hope I have something good to write in here soon. It's been too long.

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