Sunday, November 9, 2008

Progress with Will...and Jacob.

So Will and I have hung out twice since the last entry. It's been nice each time. The first time he actually came over to my apt! Did I mention that he never did that when we were dating? When we were dating, I didn't live close to him, so it was a big deal. Granted, he has a three-bedroom house, and I have a one-bedroom apartment. Now I live a lot closer to him (that wasn't the intention; I moved to be closer to work). He stopped by after work one day, and we had some drinks. The shoes he bought had come, but the costume hadn't. However, he really just couldn't wait, so I said, sure, why not...I'm almost always in the mood, after all.

Ok, so Will has a huge vinyl/PVC fetish, apparently. The sex was good, but I didn't get off. I blame the alcohol, because I think I was turned on enough to get off otherwise. The funny thing was that I'm pretty sure the shoes were a big factor for Will. I didn't realize it at first...he was always very into the whole costume/dressing up bit, but I didn't realize the extent. But during our sex, he had his hands on the shoes for quite a bit of the time! It definitely doesn't bother me. Honestly, I'm surprised that didn't really come up when we dated. One thing he also suggested was that I use my vibrator during sex...which we had also never done! I've used it with other guys in the past, but never with Will. He really got into it, though! Again, I blame the alcohol, because I definitely would have been able to get off otherwise, but oh well.

Afterwards we hung out for a little while. He kind of...gave me a pep talk, which was definitely not asked for, but not too bad either. Basically, he pointed out that I had lots of good qualities, but that I was too clingy. I think he worries that I'm getting too attached to him or something. I asserted that it was different now...when we "dated" it was under the pretense of turning into a relationship, and this is definitely different. I realized then that he is a great friend, guy, lay...but a lousy boyfriend. It's just that back then, I didn't know that. And then he actually said that he had some issues he needed to work through...I can't believe he admitted to something like that.

We hung out again yesterday. I had the outfit, so I wore it. I actually look pretty smashing in it, if i do say so myself. The last time I was at his place, I blew him, then later we had sex for round two. We were going to do that again, but weirdly enough, we weren't really feeling like the sex afterwards, so we didn't. Afterwards, again we hung out for awhile. It's kind of interesting that we still hang out. We talked for awhile just about random things like work. He also mentioned that he owed me at least two more times, heh, for the head...which amused me. Also, we kind of hugged when I left. I don't know why we did. It was just kind of a half-hug, but it was nice.

I guess, for me, taking things to that level makes our arrangement easier. He asked before if I had to be drinking to have sex with him (after the first time I wrote about today), and it definitely isn't's just that it's easier for me to have non-romantic sex if there's some alcohol involved. But it's not specific to him, it's just that there's no one else I'm having non-romantic sex with right now. But with the hug...I guess the non-romantic sex becomes easier for me if I'm at least closer friends with Will. We were kind of friends before we dated, but more like friendly work acquaintances than anything. Now we talk a bit more, and I definitely prefer it. I really like where we are at, right now, and I hope things stay that way with Will until I find a new romantic interest.

I think I'll mention Jacob here. Jacob is a guy who also works for the same company that I do, but he works on a different floor. He and I have been talking lately...not sure why, really. But last weekend he invited me to a Halloween party. He said it was because he didn't want to go alone. At the end of the evening, I drove back to his place (I'd met him there, so we could take one car), and he invited me in, and we kind of...snuggled to sleep. We kissed a little, but nothing else. He is not really my looks type at all, but it was nice to snuggle with someone new, so I guess that's why I let it happen.

I got really nervous, because he kept talking to me throughout the week, and I was concerned that he liked me. He invited himself over on election night, and again we cuddled and kissed. He tossed and turned a lot, and the next day he told me online that he normally doesn't toss and turn...if he gets off before he goes to bed. And selfish me, I don't want to get him off. I didn't really even like him in the first place--he's not my type! I guess I just missed some of the emotional closeness that I'm not getting from Will.

We hung out again last night, after I'd left Will's (of course he doesn't know about my arrangement with Will), and again the same kissing but nothing else scenario came up. This morning he had a long message waiting for me about how we are looking for two different things and that he didn't have time to devote enough attention to me to date me. So basically, he was also looking for a friends-with-benefits type scenario. Of course, since he doesn't know I already have one, he assumed I wanted to date. LOL! And of course, I don't want that with him, because like I said when I was writing about Mike, why would I want to add new names to the list if I can continue sleeping with someone already on it? To be blunt, I don't find him that attractive, and well...again to be really shallow, his goods...are average and not as good as Will's. And he's not as good of a kisser.

So I was sure relieved to hear that! I'd much rather go back to being friends with Jacob. Honestly, it kind of cracked me up to read his long message trying to let me down easy. Oh, if only he knew....

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