Saturday, September 27, 2008


So, where to start? Basically, I got this blog because I had some things going on in my life that I realized I did not want to share with any of my friends. Things I was doing that I didn't feel others would understand. I share just about everything with my best friend Lynn, but I felt that I couldn't even tell her this kind of stuff. She has a lot going on right now in her life anyway. Caveat: this blog will definitely contain sexually-explicit material, so if that isn't your bag, well, you'd better stop reading.

I think I'll start with a cast of the characters I plan to talk about in this blog:

Will - A coworker I used to date. Basically, we dated for a few months in early 2006. We were in the same place when it came to things like financial responsibility, but he wasn't really wanting to be emotionally close. The sex was great, though, and it was a big reason I didn't end things sooner. Our breakup was bad, and it was unpleasant seeing him at work afterwards. Recently we've been talking again, and my "relationship" with him is the main reason that I am starting this blog.

Liam - A guy I met this year. He lives in another state, but he's kind of a nomad. He may get a little mention at the beginning but probably not much later. I really liked him, or at least the person I thought he was, but then I realized we didn't know each other well enough, and while we had one major interest in common, we didn't really have much else. He also seemed like he wasn't really interested in things I considered important, if he didn't consider them important as well. I'm not sure if he'll reappear in my life...maybe if he's ever in town when I haven't gotten laid in a really long time. He's really good in bed (big dick too), especially with oral, though he's not a good kisser.

Mike - A guy I date very infrequently. He's a guy who I think will never be ready for a relationship, because he doesn't know how to be a boyfriend. He doesn't like to plan things, and he's shocked when I'm always busy, because I have planned something. I think he's "just not that into me"...which works, because I'm just not that into him either. Honestly, after the bizarre moments we've shared, I'm surprised he and I still talk. Oh, and one other thing, I've gotten a look at the "goods" (and I use that term loosely), and he has one of the smallest dicks I've ever seen. Like, so small that I wonder if I'd even feel it. But he's a really good kisser, and he has a really hot body, so I tend to try to hang out with him when I'm on my period, so that I have an excuse not to have sex.

Aaron - A guy I really liked but just couldn't make it work with. We just didn't want the same things in life, and the timing never was quite right. We had a fantastic dynamic going on when we were dating (on/off from about 2000-2005), and I felt like I was in a happy marriage for the most part when I was with him (or at least what I imagine a happy marriage to be like), even though our "relationship" never really had a title. I felt like I could really be myself around him. While I still don't think that we could work, I still miss our interaction. He has another girlfriend right now that he's been with for over a year, so I doubt I'll be talking about him too much, but I figured I'd include him just in case I mentioned him in a backstory or something. Also, because well, I just can't imagine writing a cast of characters list of the guys in my life without including him.

Mark - A guy I met in late 2006. I liked him initially, but then as our friendship developed, I decided that we were much better as friends. He lives in another state, but when we see each other (a few times a year), we sleep together. It's not the best sex ever, but it's really fun and relaxed, and since he is much less experienced than I am, I don't feel the pressure to "perform" like I do with many other guys. He's a bad kisser, but we don't kiss much, since our sex isn't romantic, so I don't feel the need to try to train him (I hate training anyway). And I actually think we can still be just as close as friends even though we are involved sexually. We are huge geeks, and we talk online almost every day, often for hours on end. I consider him one of my best friends right now. Sidenote: I met Mark through Aaron, and they are friendly acquaintances. However, I don't talk to Aaron much anymore, so he likely does not know the extent to which I'm involved with Mark.

I may add to this list of characters later, as guys appear in my life.

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